R.I.M. Training: Trauma Medicine & Survival Mentality

In Today's World CPR Certification Might Not Be Enough

You've worked hard to make sure that your staff is prepared to perform CPR according to industry standards, but, what happens if you and your employees are faced with a more traumatic event?

In today's uncertain world active shooter incidents, terrorist attacks, and other large scale traumatic events are a reality.

Trauma Medicine and Survival Mindset Training

Our mission is to teach safe, effective techniques to give you the tools to react confidently in the face of uncertain events.

You and your staff will receive medical Trauma Assessment Training similar to the curriculum developed and being used by select factions of the following:

  • FBI
  • DEA
  • ATF
  • Secret Service
  • Police Departments
  • Fire Departments
  • US Military

Empower Your Employees

We give your employee first responder the confidence and skills to survive and help others during traumatic incidents.

Our desired outcome is to have empowered students, with an understanding of basic lifesaving techniques including first aid/cpr certification, trauma medicine and survival mentality that are simple and effective. 

Active Shooter Incidents: Increasing your staff's skills and knowledge is the first step in preparing people to meet panic with focus and to confront fear with confidence