Change the outcome of unpredictable trauma events

A live workshop in Active Shooter Preparedness, Survival Mindset and Basic Trauma Medical Intervention

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Free trauma ready first aid checklist

Find out exactly what you need to have in your first aid kit. Make sure you are ready for a trauma scenario.

Trauma Ready First Aid Checklist (pdf)


Hands-On, Reality-Based Training For Your Employees

Our mission is to teach safe, effective techniques to give you the tools to react confidently in the face of uncertain events. We exist to challenge fear and uncertainty through education. 

We equip people to think and react confidently to change the outcome of traumatic events.

know what to do if you are the first responder

R.I. M. Training for Employee First Responders

RIM Training: Reactive Imminent Medical Training 

Provide your employees with the training, techniques, mindset and confidence to respond to traumatic events.

You and your staff will be skilled in Trauma Event Training including: Active Shooter, Bomb/IED blast injuries, Vehicular Accident or Vehicular Assault, Counter Sniper Evasion techniques as well as the Medical Trauma Assessment Training previously only available to agencies including:

  • FBI
  • DEA
  • US Military
  • ATF and more...

man in black shirt applying an ace bandage to the arm of a man in a black hat

CPR Is Not Enough

You and your employees will receive comprehensive training and a virtual hands-on experience. 

We strive to give our students a high degree of confidence and understanding of the basics of survival mindset and trauma based medicine in the event of an active shooter, terrorist attack or any other trauma concentrated scenario.

Training includes the best concepts taken from: 

  • TECC (Tactical Emergency Casualty Care) 
  • TCCC or TC3 (Tactical Combat Casualty Care) and 
  • Stop the Bleed

Become RIM Training Certified

1. Choose A Workshop

Choose a date and book a workshop for your staff. We offer 4 hour, 8 hour and 16 hour options. 

2. Get Trained and Certified

Our hands-on training includes a two-year certification for all who complete the course. You will receive support and opportunities for ongoing training.

3. Be Recognized For Your Achievement

Display your certification on your company website so your clients know that your staff is trained to keep them safe.

"I left the training feeling empowered. i know what to do to protect my family in a trauma event."



"Everyone needs this training. These days we need so much more than just CPR and first aid." ~Kim, Hyatt Regency Employee



"I am certified in both (CPR and First Aid), But truthfully the trauma training was invaluable, I'd recommend it to every parent and teacher."

~Lindsey, Stay at home mom

What Does it cost to be prepared?

How many would have been saved...

Statistically, many more people have been saved in active shooter situations when nearby citizens had combat medical training. 

Nobody wants to feel helpless...

We know you want to protect those who are close to you. Friends and family without training don't know how to protect and treat others in an unpredictable trauma event.

How long will it take for help to arrive?

On average, professional first responders arrive in minutes. In some trauma cases, patients only have 90-120 seconds. Will you be there to save a life?

What's my investment?

All participants must be 18 years of age or older. Children 13-17 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult. *Workshops that don't meet the min. required attendance will be rescheduled.

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